Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Review: Star Ocean 4 The last Hope International

So i finished with the story and so lets take a look at what i find of this game.

the first thing that immidiatly took my attention would be the bad voice syncing whne spoken voices are on english, if you put it on japanese spoken no problem, but there was absolutly no effort to change the lip syncing. so sometimes you hear them speak when their mouth is shut. Not that it is a real owner, but still..

Next is the graphics, beautifull but a little to shiny, meaning i had sometimes difficulty to see my surroundings in bright areas. next to that not much to mention.

At the end of the game i was a little dissapointed, for me it ended really to fast, there was still some huge enemy te beat, but they wouldn't allow it. To me it was like i was trown of a cliff and left to death. They go trough the trouble to create a big evil entity and then stops the game without you actualy kill the thing, that is really annoying. On the other hand this game is to short, at this moment on my first save file there stands a 60 play hours, that is nothing to me, but i explain later how it is that there is 60 hours. At certain points in the game i was able to say what would happen, who would leave my team and some other minor things.

Next to all that the game was pretty good, i did not regret to buy this game, only that the story could be better. another thing that annoyed me was that there is no pause button, if you pause you expect to the game timer to stop, it goes on, and sometimes i had to pauze for 5 hours because someone wants to see tv, so i get 60 hours ingame, but in reality it are like 40 or something.

The battle system, its good, its better, its awsome. I like the battles, the blindside is really something to get used to, but when you have, most enemies really become easy, even bosses are becomming to easy. the bosses ingame really have a nack to invest more in HP then in decent attacks. some bosses takes half an hour to kill while i had one boss where i had 2 minutes to kill.

Your characters have all their own story for joining you, what i like and dislike is that all yor members are almost equall in usefulness in battle even if they look stupid. at some point you get a catgirl in your party, aside the fact that she is really annoying, she is my best attacker of my whole team. so on that point it would be okay.

End stuff related i haven't seen much that would mark a good end stuff, i think i need to find good area where i can find moonstones to forge my best item. so i guess i haven't seen everything, also there is a tournament system if you complete the right quest, this tournament is really boring, the first 50 enemies are really easy in solo play, team battles is better and survival has a challenge, but when you hiet lvl 100+ that dissapears fast. By note the lvl cap is 200, thats a damn big grind you need to do.

Item crafting has gone to hell compared to Star ocean 3, now you need to invent your recipys, not that i dislike it, but in my opinion is the star ocean 3 inventing system beter.

Overall, it is a good game ,but i rather play star ocean3, it has more a wow feeling to my main character.

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