Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Busy life is busy

Exams are here, so few time to make posts.
After the exams i will give a review on:
-Fruits basket (anime)
-Ghost in the shell SAC 2nd GIG (anime)
-Magical Lyrical girl nanoha StrikerS (anime)
-Red dead Redemption ps3
-Heroes of newerth PC

Currently watching
Tenga Toppa Gurren lagann
next to watch
xxx holic
Tsubasa Chronicle

Currently playing
Heroes of newerth
Alien breed: impact
Left 4 dead 2
Team fortress 2 (i will make a post about this when the engineer update kicks in)
Half life 2 (achievements ftw)

I know, it doesn't really looks like it is exams, but i am able to study much in one day ( as an example i was able to study physics( light and sound), a whole course, in 4 hours. Maybe that last part sounds a bit like saying that i'm a genuis, oh well it will take some time befor epeople realise that i am better.

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