Monday, 21 June 2010

Anime: Fruits basket

Tohru Honda is 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Sohma Yuki, and his cousins, 16 year old Kyo and 27 year old Shigure. However, these young men and parts of the rest of their family (both close and distant) hold a curse; if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Everyday is an adventure for sweet Tohru, as she gets to know everyone in the large family better (especially Yuki and Kyo), in both common and bizarre situations. But, the Sohma Family curse is certainly no laughing matter... it also holds horrible cruelity and heartbreak.Source

The first thing i remember from when i watched this anime was laughter, i just couldn't stop laughing. The humor of Fruits basket is something i can't denie, at some point in this anime the brother of Yuki makes his appearance and whoever created that personality is a genuis. Not wanting to spoil anything i suggest you start watching

The story is good to, not awsome but good enough for me to say that i can watch it again (i rewatched this about 5 times or something). Its not a solid story, but it got his twist and moments that makes it definitly worthwhile.

The personalities are fantastic, every Sohma zodiac member seems to have his own problems and lucky for them Thoru is there to help in anyway she can. The personalities really diverce from each other, for instance you have the insecure person, off the charts confidence or overerly obsessed with love person.

So, in short this drama anime is very good for persons who enjoy a good laugh but like to see some very touchy moments.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Busy life is busy

Exams are here, so few time to make posts.
After the exams i will give a review on:
-Fruits basket (anime)
-Ghost in the shell SAC 2nd GIG (anime)
-Magical Lyrical girl nanoha StrikerS (anime)
-Red dead Redemption ps3
-Heroes of newerth PC

Currently watching
Tenga Toppa Gurren lagann
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Currently playing
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Team fortress 2 (i will make a post about this when the engineer update kicks in)
Half life 2 (achievements ftw)

I know, it doesn't really looks like it is exams, but i am able to study much in one day ( as an example i was able to study physics( light and sound), a whole course, in 4 hours. Maybe that last part sounds a bit like saying that i'm a genuis, oh well it will take some time befor epeople realise that i am better.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Review: Star Ocean 4 The last Hope International

So i finished with the story and so lets take a look at what i find of this game.

the first thing that immidiatly took my attention would be the bad voice syncing whne spoken voices are on english, if you put it on japanese spoken no problem, but there was absolutly no effort to change the lip syncing. so sometimes you hear them speak when their mouth is shut. Not that it is a real owner, but still..

Next is the graphics, beautifull but a little to shiny, meaning i had sometimes difficulty to see my surroundings in bright areas. next to that not much to mention.

At the end of the game i was a little dissapointed, for me it ended really to fast, there was still some huge enemy te beat, but they wouldn't allow it. To me it was like i was trown of a cliff and left to death. They go trough the trouble to create a big evil entity and then stops the game without you actualy kill the thing, that is really annoying. On the other hand this game is to short, at this moment on my first save file there stands a 60 play hours, that is nothing to me, but i explain later how it is that there is 60 hours. At certain points in the game i was able to say what would happen, who would leave my team and some other minor things.

Next to all that the game was pretty good, i did not regret to buy this game, only that the story could be better. another thing that annoyed me was that there is no pause button, if you pause you expect to the game timer to stop, it goes on, and sometimes i had to pauze for 5 hours because someone wants to see tv, so i get 60 hours ingame, but in reality it are like 40 or something.

The battle system, its good, its better, its awsome. I like the battles, the blindside is really something to get used to, but when you have, most enemies really become easy, even bosses are becomming to easy. the bosses ingame really have a nack to invest more in HP then in decent attacks. some bosses takes half an hour to kill while i had one boss where i had 2 minutes to kill.

Your characters have all their own story for joining you, what i like and dislike is that all yor members are almost equall in usefulness in battle even if they look stupid. at some point you get a catgirl in your party, aside the fact that she is really annoying, she is my best attacker of my whole team. so on that point it would be okay.

End stuff related i haven't seen much that would mark a good end stuff, i think i need to find good area where i can find moonstones to forge my best item. so i guess i haven't seen everything, also there is a tournament system if you complete the right quest, this tournament is really boring, the first 50 enemies are really easy in solo play, team battles is better and survival has a challenge, but when you hiet lvl 100+ that dissapears fast. By note the lvl cap is 200, thats a damn big grind you need to do.

Item crafting has gone to hell compared to Star ocean 3, now you need to invent your recipys, not that i dislike it, but in my opinion is the star ocean 3 inventing system beter.

Overall, it is a good game ,but i rather play star ocean3, it has more a wow feeling to my main character.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Anime: flame Of Recca (dropped)

Recca is a boy living in the modern world, only he seems drawn to following the ways of the ninja. On the day he befriends a girl named Yanagi who has a mysterious power of healing, he is confronted and challenged by a Dark Priestess. This battle leads Recca to discover a strange power within himself. Afterwards, he finds that not only is his past and destiny not as crystal clear as he had thought, but there are others with powers practicing the way of the ninja who challenge him one after another.

It doesn't happen much that i would drop a anime, other few cases are clannad after story and Zero No Tsukaima. I liked the concept in this anime but the story development was way to fast, people who have seen this anime would probably agree, i have never seen such fast story telling. It is not as extreme like the Tsubasa Movie : Princess of the Birdcage, where a good 1 hour and half long movie is suppressed into 20 minutes. this anime is sort like this, in a few episodes the story has taken off like a rocket and gone into a whirl of events that have ridiculus follow ups. That is the biggest reason for me to drop this anime.

The other reasons were things like, unclear of what IS strong? I somehow i wonderd how Kurei is suprised how Recca has grown and even feel intimidated by Recca when he is in fact, much much stronger then him. A second reason is something that i see in bleach, getting stronger then your opponent in 5 minutes or when in battle and cleary losing, thinking (AGAIN) of why he is here and then gain a uber power boost. This anime is to much based on the 'wow he got that much stronger' feeling, invoking that feeling every episode is not good. (People who disagree that Ichigo from bleach doesn't apply to this need to see the episodes when he learns his bankai and hollow mask, he doesn't really train, he unlocks it and uses it)
All of those little reason can be brought under the second reason for dropping: No Balance.

so i watched this anime into the tournament and at the second round (against Kurei personal guard) i gave up on it.

Overall i would say, ninja lovers, try it(although they leave the ninja far behind them), people who like fast development that endlesly reapeat itself over and over, watch it. If you are looking for a decent story, go look somewhere else, otherwise, give it a try.

Anime: Baka to test to Soukanjuu

The story centers around Akihisa Yoshii, the "baka" of the title. His academy rigidly divides up the student body into classes based on the results of tests. The prodigiesprodigies are in the A class with reclining seats complete with air conditioning, but Akihisa is in F class, the lowest rung of the school ladder which is furnished only with low, decrepit tables and worn-out straw tatami mats. A girl named Mizuki Himeji is actually one of the smartest girls in Akihisa's sophomore year, but she had a fever on test day and was pigeonholed into the F class.
The school happens to have developed experiments to summon fantasy creatures, and Akihisa decides to rally F class to take on the higher-tiered classes and seize their perks. The F class uses the summoned creatures in an all-out battle for school supremacy. source

I had a good first impression of this anime, the characters had good personalities and the academy battle system was a genuis invention. To summon a creature and battle with your test scores, wage war with other classes for better studyrooms and material and above that if you loose a battle, you need to take supplemntary classes to get your scores back.

Troughout the story you get to see how genuis Class f really is and how easy to manipulate yoshii is. after a few eps i was fairly convinced that this was a good anime in story and character. they like to give the viewer some echii moments as a breather between certain events, but it isn't something that would be utterly distracting.

Overall, this is a good anime, i would have prefered another ending, but i can live with this one. I reccomend this for school anime lovers and those who like idiots.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review: Just Cause 2

It was mere coincidence that i got to play this game, someone borrowed it to me whil he was on vacation and so i got the chance to test it out.

I honestly didn't had a clue what to expect from this game but the start wasn't promising, it cutscenes were lagging like hell, so i needed to turn down the graphs, not that i care about them, but even with high settings, there was some delay on the visual output. after the cutscene were the sound ended a minut before the the visual was done i was soarinf trough the sky and plumeting towards mother earth only to get close to my death comrade who was shot out of the helicopter and who had my pda, also i don't know his name. Then i safly pull my parachute out of nowhere and land neaby a militairy instalation on the island of Panau.

At this point i did not gain any intrest for the game, but then i got to test the grappeling hook, from that point on, the game was fun. In this game you can blow up militairy installations and you get paid for it, you have a whole island to explore and more then enough towns and militairy basas to destroy. Although the targets you need to destroy are mostly the same (Water towers, broadcast towers, satelite discs, fuel tanks, gas tanks, pipelines, AA sites and i can go on) so after a while (about 20 houres of destruction , you feel that it is getting dull and the missions do not bring any change in this. You got several sorts of missions, agency missions for the good old USA, territory missions for the rebels on Panau to gain new terretory (duh) and faction missions for those rebels to make their fight more easy (because you do all the work) those missions except for the agency doesn't really differ from the usual destruction you leave in your wake. Everywhere you go, you either destroy and flee or capture and flee, both are fun in the beginning, but later on its boring.

Storywise is this game a joke, its nothing were decent and posseses nothing entertaining (except for a few cutscenes) but this game doesn't really need a story, the story is only there to give you a reason to blow things up. At somepoint i wished that they left the story behind and said : " here, your job is to destroy everything you meet so get to it, you get objectives, fullfill them for stuff and parts.".

like i said you can explore a whole island, so you can also find parts to upgrade your weapons and vehicles, you can buy them from the black market, but they only deliver one item at a time, that means when you need explosives ( and those you need a lot), and ammo for your 2 weapons
you gonna need to call the black market seller 3 times
and watch the cutscenes of him comming and going ( yes i am aware you can skip them, but most of the time you forget that). transporting yourself across the landscape to a certain point is a pain in the ass, because helicopters are dull and slow, airplanes hard to control, the same for cars, after a while i got used to traveling with my parachute, it was fatser then the car (no need to get on the road, trough the jungle) i have seen and done many things in order to get to my obective (transportation by the black market seller helped to).

Your grapple hook is your friend, you can do the most awsome stuff with it, like grappeling and pulling yourself to a driving car or grapple the car and apply the other end with the ground (in a chase this is really handy) overall the gameplay is good.

So what i think is, if you like destruction/explosions/mowing down lots of soldiers with diffirent kind of weapons this is your game. If you are looking for a good story, don't try this, it wil strike as a huge dissapointment.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

anime: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Japan is shaken when the Vampire Queen reveals herself in a tv show and claims to create a place for vampires. The next day, a high school boy named akira is approached by that Queen who ask if he remebers the promise.

I would rank this as a weird anime, the story is decent but sometimes hard to follow. Personalities of your main characters are well designed, altough i didn't was really fond of that lolita Queen. i believe the ending was a total mess and i'm still wondering how we got to such an ending.

Overall i would say to only watch this if you like vampire series, those who like vampires will have their fill. Its also a bit filled with ecchi stuff, so be carefull befor you decide to see it.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Anime: Kiba

Zed, a 15 year boy, would be your above average troublemaker, whenever he sees a door he get the urge to smash the door. Because of his behaviour in public his friend Noah, who covers for him, try to talk to Zed, why he breaks door. Zed is feeling like a bird in a cage, sufficating and boring. zeds mother is hospitalised and doesn't seem to see Zed at all. When Zed is accused of a fire he didn't start, he runs away, is assautled by a strange creature that calls him a shard caster and then captured by the police. Noa who have seen Zed fighting the creature tries to save zed by releasing him by force. Unknowing of Noa, Zed escapes in the confusion and runs to his hideout, there a portal appears and takes zed to another world.

The first episode of this anime is a bit depressing, my first impression would be that it wouldn't last long before i call it quits. But the second episode changed everything, you get in a cheerfull environment and get to know a lot of characters that have interesting personalities. The rest of the story develops in a nice way, they like to suprise you with new areas every 6 episodes.

The story itself is decent enough, i had my questions at certain parts, but it wasn't anything that could burn it into the ground. I even came to like Zed mentality, he was in the search for power, but also want to know if he needs that power. Now to be honest, the first time i saw Zed i figured he was an evil guy, because of that mean look in his eyes.

The one thing that really annoys me is that you don't have a clear understanding of who can beat who, i had several times thought: he is weaker, beat him.

Now overall, i would say it is a decent story and is worth the watch if you like magic in battle with some star wars rippedoff swords.i don't recommend that you make time for it, watch when you have time should be better.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Code Geass Season 3

This post contains spoilers about the story from season one and season 2, do not read it, if you haven't seen them yet.

The reason why i wanted to make this post is not about conformation of season 3, but more to tell why i don't want to see a season 3.

After going around on some forums, i noticed that a lot of people are saying that a season3 is comming, they try to back it up by saying that lelouch isn't dead yet and always point out to the last scene where C.C lifts her head as she was talking to the driver who is supposed to be Lelouch.

For starters i want Lelouch to be dead, if he was alive and living in hiding with C.C that would totaly defeat the purpose of zero requim. Now i can hear you, but he got the global peace, I agree to that, but another achievement was to be killed bu Suzaku as redemption for Euphy. If getting killed by Suzaku means nothing, then their friendship is worth nothing as well, and the words he said would be meaningless to (Only those who are prepared to fire, should be fired at). If he was planning to live afterwards with the code that activates on death, for me that would totaly take the strenght and meaning of the ending away.

Now i got that clear, there is one other thing i want to say, IF they make another season, i hope they wont go further on what they have, i would rather want them to see making another story with new characters etc. The Geass have mass potentional, you can create so many stories with it, the story doesn't even need to be in the same timeframe or world. They could easily play a geass story in the medieval times or in another dimension, but if they somehow 'revive' Lelouch, i think i would be unable to watch the season.

Btw, a reason why lelouch doesn't have the code and so could revive is that the code should be taken and not recieved, i can state that by CC saying to VV "Charles,why did you take away VV codes at this point of time" meaning as soon the Geass user has the power he can choose when he takes the code. The second reason is that Charles grabs him but then disovles into the world of C, i believe that Charles isn't dead (also because i don't want him, his speeches are so good) and still has the code. Now i also agree that my second reason doesn't have much base but Lelouch is dead and stays dead.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

anime: Trigun

Vash the stampede is hunted all over the world because he is the man with 60 billion dollar on his head, being known as the ledgendary outlaw who destroyed the city july vash is avoided and consantly shot at. To prevent any more dammage, the Bernadelli insurance company sends 2 workers to look after vash making sure he doesn't destroy anything. While following Vash, also know as the humanoid typhoon, they learn that bad luck is all around him as he always tend to get into trouble.

This anime dates back from 1998 but is well made for its time, the story is above average although the end is not worth the watch. If you want to watch this, be sure you like western anime, although the story isn't worth that much, i garantee you going to love Vash, because of his childish acts in battles, he doesn't look like a ledgendary outlaw, but he knows how to overcome many battles.

Overall, this anime is worth seeing if you like western, the characters make a decent addon to the story, but the end was totaly worthless.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Review: Final fantasy XIII

Now i finaly finished the game, but to be honest i didn't like it at all.

For starters it lineair gameplay, they just set a marker for you to walk to for some cutscene or a boss fight, now mostly i don't really care that it would be lineair but this is off the charts; Normaly if i arrive in a town, i want to explore, explore and explore, now you just follow the path to the marker, no shops to visit, no NPC's to talk to (well sometimes they are there and reduced to nothing usefull to the game), there is nothing to interact with, just follow that orange thing on your minimap; I got the feeling i was walking trough a metro tunnel where the sideways were actualy painted to give me the idea i had freedom of choice. This goes on until you get to chapter 11, now you get in a huge area where you can explore, but not for long because they locked most of the pathways that goes from that huge area to another small area. Even from this chapter 11 i never had a good feeling of freedom, more a feeling like:"hey this is your new area, explore for half an hour, momma will be back by then so you can put back in the cage" and after you did the most you could from missions etc, you decide to go to the next area and guess what, we are back in the tunnels. Now i don't want to break it totaly down (if you are reading this i can hear you say: "Yeah, right") but this is depressing, in comparison with former final fantasy's this is really sad, now you can say: "final fantasy 10 was linear to, you just need to follow the marker", i say: " ok, but at least i could turn back to besaid island at the end of the game or had fun minigames.".

Now for the worst part, the story, i have a lot to say about that. For starters, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING, i mean the story they have come up with is waaaaaay below their usual lvl, i feel like they have listend to a 5 year old sputtering words while drawing something. The story is a mess, there were things that were so stupid, i was thinking: " this game has gone to hell", like i first stated in my review part 1 (or 2 whatever) your characters are retarded, snow Villiers in particular, he runs around yelling :" It was a sign of serah" every time something minor happends or when they got some luck and escaped death. Hope was the next in line, while losing his mother and becoming to hate snow for it, he is perfectly able to fight alongside him with not any troubles, that is really unrealistic in rpg games, even in final fantasy 9 some times the story had effect on your battles, like Dagger who lost her voice of the shock and is so unable to cast in combat, making her totaly useless, But hope has no troubles with that, If i was him i would have stopped healing snow and just run off. Lightning was then something strange, i have come to like her attitude, but the way she thinks was something that i didn't like, she goes from realistic to suicide attacker to someone who knows she is wrong but fails to do something about it. Sazh was the person who i liked the most, he is normal, he has funny comments, his actions are in the best way said something i expect from a final fantasy game. fang was then again a annoying character, even though she had bahamut as summon , i never found a good reason to put her into my team, or even listen to her rambling (i did listen for the story's sake). At last Vanille was the second closesd character that came to the final fantasy mindset, in someway she reminded me from vivi in final fantasy 9, lost, the feeling you're alone and many other things. The fact that the story isn't that great almost makes this game worthless, a final fantasy game is soley based on its great story. When i finaly reached the last boss (there are 3 of them) i had more trouble with the first of them, then i got with the last, they almost feel like routine bosses, "oh it has been 20 minutes, time for another boss" , most bosses doesn't really have anything special that really makes them bosses, they have high hp, much dmg, and some moves. So in short, this game story is really no worth the trouble of playing.

Next on the list is the endgame stuff you can gather, in short: almost nothing. Execpt for some material, you don't really get anything extra, some boss cource that are practicly ciet'h missions, but nothing that is worth to get, only the chocobo's are worth to find and unlocking the teleport stones, other than that there isn't much. Well you can upgrade your weapons, but it takes a lot of items just to get one weapon upgraded, so why bother to do all 8 of them for every character and don't forget the armlets etc, i beated the game with a star lvl helter skelter (or something like that) for lightning , that did the trick.

Now for its positive point, the graphics. Anywhere you look, you see details, enemy's well designed, the areas are something that i said: "oh my god" i can't denie it, it's so beautifull, but there is a downside, graphics don't matter to me in a game, i'm perfectly able to play a ps1 game graphics, as long the story is worth the trouble. What also come to my attention was the repeated use of enemy skins, how many times have i beated those flan creatures, so there weren't many different enemy types. next to that there is nothing bad to mention.

We move on to the next part. The FFX Sphere looking grid thingie. Here you can upgrade your character in a chosen role by spending CP earned in battles. Now i don't believe this is a bad system, but the roles are open to every one, making the person with the lowest hp the most useless one (and yeah that's Hope). because none of your allies are really unique, you only need a combination of characters, that have a decent hp and have usefull roles. All the roles are usefull, so i decided to implement Lightning into my party as my favorite commander with a sucky summon, followed by vannile who was the best healer in the group and as last there was Sazh, he is funny he is very usefull, he has the buffs and the magic. The grid doesn't give you much choice of where to go and what to learn, unlike FFX you can't go off that path and start learning another characters grid, here you need to follow it to the end.

The battle system, I agree that it works and it is ballanced, but it also makes the rpg element fade away, in other games where it was turn based, you could choose what you were gonna do and so control the battle, now you can hope for the best that your npc heals you instead of the other one. the paradigm system lets you control them to some extend, but not much, i have spend most of my time staring at my atb bar, my hp, and to my enemy life bar, i have absolutly no clue what is going on, on the battle field, i don't care, i'm just smashing the X button so auto combat would be selected, Yathzee from escapist does a good job explaining it watch it here. I don't want to select my actions into that bar, auto battle does it for me and hey i played it out with it, stacking them takes time, and when i have haste i'm wasting more time stacking then i would be smashing that auto button, so on that point the battle system is a serious letdown.

Now the music, for many years squaresoft and square enix were known for their high quality music, story and graphics, today it nearly grinded almost everything into dust. The music is not bad, but not outstanding either, when i was in chapter 13, the last steps from the boss, i heard a sound that made me think of final fanatsy 9 memoria, i wouldn't believe it, they don't even have the orginality to create new music, even in the battle, no victory music or nothing that even resembles that.

There isn't anything else for me to Fanrage on, i have took the trouble to summon up the wikipedia page and there was something that totaly shocked me rightout. Most of game reviewing magazines, rated this game actualy as a good game, at that moment i was thinking that square - enix must have bribed them all, i mean i agree that this was an higly anticipated game, but that doesn't mean you need to shove it bad points under the carpet. Or maybe it is because people only watch at the graphics, the better the graphics the better the game, bullshit, thats not true and will never will be, i have friends who say, that the game is good because "look at thoise graphics man, awsome" that doesn't imply that the game is fun.
Now if i would rate this game, it would be a 5/10, the bad story takes most of the points away. Also this game has no moogles ...

Now if i offended some people, or you want to argue, go ahead make me see why i was wrong. I will answer to people who give smart arguments, dumb arguments are left alone for other people to read and think: what the...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

anime: Ghost In the shell: Stand alone complex

It is the year 2030, Cybernetic implants are a daily use, meaning without the use of a computer you an acces the internet or communicate with eachother. You follow the acticivities of a intelligence department calles section 9, a group of extraordinairy people who fought in the last war. By accident they stumble on the case called the laughing man witch happend 6 years prior to the story start. As they try to uncover the truth they learn that many parties are involved in this case and some of them are deadserious.

most anime about technology, be it mecha or sience fiction, i would probably like it, this one is no diffirent. I like they way how they gradualy set the gears of story in motion, the first episodes have nothing to do with the main story, they are only meant to show what and who the members are. Later on they set the start of the main story, progress with that and then give it a little break, later on they will once again continue with the story to the finale.

Although you got about 7 main members, you only get to know a few of them, you get more background on some members in season 2 but thats for later. As the main story continues you get to see how their thinking tanks actuly develop a mind of its own, a ghost as they mention it, but also the troubles that cybernetic implants bring with them.

The main story is well thought out and have almost no room for error, i especialy come to like the laughing man, he is a A+ class hacker with a good mind for justice, so i feel sorry they didn't adapt him in the second season.

overall for people who like this new technology thing it really a good to watch anime, for those who like to see some good battle scenes with guns, they can watch it to. Btw, in this anime, i haven't seen any katana ore somthing that resembles it so that really came to me as a surprise, mostly in any battle scene there is at least one person who wields a katana, and now i never seen it.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Anime: Code Geass Lelouch of the rebellion R1 & R2

From now on ill give a little introduction from the anime.

Lelouch Lamperouge is a high school student in the new Tokyo settlement, japan was taken over by the holy empire of brittannia and rename in area 11. Only a few people know that Lelouch is a banished prince from the Brittannian family and was send a year prior to the war to japan with his sister, carrying a great hate for his home country he swore to destroy it by any as a high school student in the ashford acadamy( the ashford family knows of his heritage) e encounters a witch named C.C., she gives him the Geass, power of kings. The geass is diffirent from person to person and lelouch gains the power of absolute obedience, he must reamain eyecontact and say a command that the target cannot ignore or refuse, when the command goes against the personal wish the target could refuse but it will eventualy give in to the geass. Having this power lelouch have all means to fight against his home country and desides to organise the japanese rebbels into an army.

Because this is my favorite anime, i will try to be objective, but i don't know if i will be able to.

It was by mere accident that i discoverd this anime, having looked arouned on some forums i found this one in someones top 10 anime list of the year, being intrigued by it message saying: Lelouch>Yagami Light, I started watching season one, lucky for me season 2 was already airing so i could immidaitly follow where season one left off. This anime blew me away, it had everything except for good intro music, It had mecha, te geass, a smart protagonist, wide cast on characters and foremost a solid story.

I had seen much in anime already, but lelouch actions were outstanding, he could always come up with a battle plan to turn the tides in his favor and sometimes he did things that was so obvious that i would think someting like: Dammmmmmn. I also noticed that it handels a lot of irony like lelouch, a brittanian, is fighting against his country alongside the japanese and his friend Suzaku, a japanese, is fighting against the rebbels alongside Brittannia. I also have a need to say that our Japanese voice actors did a really good jobs(also those who editted the voice) because there was moer than enough scenes were i thought: if i could have a speech like that, it would make my day. A good example would be the speech of charles Di Brittannia in episode 6 of season one, by the end of it the
All Hail Brittannia
Gave me the chill, the same applies for episode 16 where both oppsoing parties scream out their battle scream.

Now what made lelouch great was the combination of its tatctics, theatrics as zero and his use of Geass. Being able to think so far ahead so he can use his geass to its maximum potetional is something that was able to make this story a succes, i can also note that lelouch was always prepared to shoulder the burden even if it was not his fault, when people ask about it, he would say that it was his fault.

Now i Know some people who where hesitant of watching this series because there were mecha in it, but they soon realised that you can perfectly delete the mecha and still have that awsome story, the mecha only makes it that tiny better because the geass is a story on itself, as you see more of the story the more complex it becomes, you need to do some thinking, but its not needed.

Overall i would recommend this anime to everyone, even those who doesn't like mecha anime.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Anime: Black Cat

I'm not quite sure how to start about this anime, It got many good aspect and few bad ones.

First of all it has an complex story, or rather its hard to follow because it jumpes from scene to scene and leave some details for yourself to figure out. Now i know you are better off reading the manga and have everything spelled out for you, but that they expect you to do a little thinking work or that they where to lazy didn't matter to me, i liked the story anyway.

The action, the battles and your characters are well thought off, the only bad aspect is that you don't know how strong every one is, for inctance: The chrono numbers seems to be special people with a talent for combat and are highly trained, sweepers (people who make money by tracking wanted criminals) are just normal people hardend in battle sometimes these sweepers seems to be at an equal lvl and other times just plain amateurs.

I think this anime is a must see if you like some good battles and some wicked personalities of antagonists(creed disketh is truly and idiot). Against others this anime doesn't really stand out or has something that makes it famous but i think seeing this anime is something that is not a waste of time, just be sure to rewatch it later to understand what is going on.

Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

To be honest i'm not fond of shooter games, that doesn't mean i don't enjoy a good shooting.

I have played Call of Duty 4, so it was nice to some familliar persons again, but what was a nice improvement where the missions. In CoD 4 the missions was about 90% shooting people or fragging the hell out of them and 10% either running around or sitting in a slow car shooting people, In CoD MF 2 that is slightly diffirent, now its about 75% shooting people and 25% in awsome events like chase the enemy on a snowscooter that at least gains a lot of speed or that feeling when you need to rescue those civilians by breaching the door, storm in and take out all hostiles. Those changes made it all more enjoyable and left me some memorable moments.

The gameplay itself didn't change anything, the only thing was that it became smoother and more realistic. It's a great addition to the call of duty series and it left me with a rather good feeling, now because i don't play shooter much i'm unable to check the multyplayer but the Special ops missions are good enough to give a try with a friend. I tested it and was fairly convinced that it is more than fun, it's plain awsome if you both breach the doors at the same time and start shooting the hell out of those enemies.

At one point i was all alone and needed to fight myself up trough the slums in chase of a target only to find the target captured before my eyes making my climb and all those dead enemies in my wake a useless sacrefice, but it reminded me of Medal of honor, the older series where you alone killed hundreds of nazis alone, making you that useless private a one man army. Well at least you have here some 'special' training so it wouldn't be strange for you to be able to kill 89249842 people.

Now i understand that a lot of people are against this game because you can (not need to) shoot civilians in a certain mission, i think some people need to learn that games don't reflect reality. If someone who is out of their mind starts shooting people, such things are unavoidable(that they are out of their minds), for inctance there are about 6800 Million people on the planet, it would be impossible for all of them to be in their right mind. games are games, not reality so all those people complaining about it sets people to kill other people, that is completly wrong, sometimes violent games do have some effect, but mostly games are used to relief that stress you have. I'll be honest, if i can't enjoy a good game where i can beat the crap out of my opponent, i would probably be some boring asshole who would have nothing better to do then to annoy other people.

Overall this is a good game and you can definitly enjoy it if you play multiplayer, i recommend the campaign mode because you get to see some awsome places. If you have a friend , play the special ops missions, if you are alone then go out and make friends.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hints and Tips: Final Fantasy XIII

A little what to do list when you are starting to play final fantasy XIII
This wil contain spoilers about the game, so if you want to be suprised (in a good and a bad way) stop reading here.

The first thing you need to know is that the game really starts when you are able to cast magic and that will be about 3 hours from the intro cutscene. In that timeframe the only thing you can do is attack and blitz (aoe dmg melee attack) your enemies will not drop anything usefull if they are humans, only some potions and phoenix down (those are worth to get but rarly drops) if you encounter non human enemies they will drop usefull things, the game will advise that you can sell these items, DON'T SELL THEM, they become very usefull in the game later on.

Second is that until you know how to cast magic you wont gain any exp and so you don't have any use on battles, if it is your first time in final fantasy 13, i suggest you fight them all, if not try to avoid the human enemies only battles as much as possible, they only will slow you down anyway.

If you get into a new area because of a cutscene, try to search the area where you came from in the cutscence, most of the time some items spheres will be there.

when you can cast magic, don't be afraid to encounter every damn enemy you come across, the more exp you can get the better, plus if you succesfully research every enemy (kill them often or use libra twice on them) you come a across you can get a trophy called loremaster, its 100 different kinds of monsters, in about chapter 9 or 10 you should reach this and you will get a gold trophy (its utterly easy for a gold trophy, i can ony imagne that they did this on purpose to increase the ff13 trophy values)

read your enemies info, this can be extremly usefull, its good to know were that goddamn boss his weaknesses lies, to make things extremely easy they even spell out what the enemies are able of and what you can use to defeat them.

Eidolons apears before your characters at a point in the story and most people have troubles defeating them, there are different ways to sumbit them to your will. The first way is to do what stands in their info when you cast libra twice, Ther will be something like yields to those who heals his allies, meaning you will fill the gesthal bar faster when you asume the roll of medic and start healing your allies. Now from personal encounters i know that being medic sucks, i will place a eidolon guide later on or you can look at achievement hunter on Youtube or on the site Rooster teeht. Now the second way is to hit them with their elemental, not all eidolons have elements, but the most of them have some elements that fill the gesthal bar faster than normal attacks. for the first eidolons i suggest you use the element attacks, so be sure that snow and lightning know some magic attacks.

Now the use of items, as i said before don't sell the items you get from battles or find in spheres, the only thing you can sell to my opinion are the spare armlets and stuff, you can dismantle them, bu that is a waste of money, you can get a stupid item from it and when you sell the armlet you can buy almost 5 of the items you can get out of it. Now there is a diifrence between electrical items and natural items, electrical are things like integrated circuit and natural are Chipped fangs or things like that. You can upgrade your gear in this game, and every lvl needs an good amount of exp, you can increase the exp with the electrical items and so lvl up easy, the natural items doesnt give much exp but when you add enough items to it you can get multiplier bonusses, i have only got to 3 times multiplier but i dont know if that is the limit. If you have an electrical item that gives a lot of exp and you got lots of that item, be sure to get a 3 times multiplier first, otherwise it will be a waste. As example you have an item that gives 800 exp and you have 5 of them, that would give 4000 exp but when you have a multiply by 3 bonus, that would be 12000 exp, i would know what i should choose.

Try to think tactical, most of your allies will have usefull jobs or paradigms. Out of all the final fantasy games, this would be the first where i use the buff spells and the debuff spells, you also need them because some enemies wil be that powerfull you can't go without it.

Eidolons are useless, i think they are only flashy things that do minimal dmg. I never used any eidolon on a boss, only onn some enemies that are sligtly superior than me. This could also be becaus i only summond odin and the shiva(s) and they didn't do much dmg. I have to admit that they are cool though.

dont use you deceptisol, fortisol, etc immidiatly, they can make battles easyer, but are hard to get, so save them for battles you have difficulties to get past them.

phoenix downs are your friend, they aren't usefull at the start, but later on your allies will die frequently because they hev a low hp max and/or make retarded decisions (like healing an ally who have 60% when they are on 30%).

Thats about it for now, i will try to find some good tricks and/or tips later on.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

This anime is very special is the first thing i need to say. The series are just that awsome when you follow Gon, Killua,Kurapica, leorio and many others throughout the hunter exam to Greed Island. You gradually see Gon learn more about his own abilities and talent. The only lesser part of the series in my opinion would its loose ends, for instance when the jyonen user (nen excorsist)joins with Hisoka to release the spiders Boss (kurorro) of Kurapica's chain, there is no follow up story. I am aware that the Manga is still releasing in japan and that the story has found no end yet, but the last episode dates back to 2004, about now there has to be a follow up ova series or something.

The story is well defined and the characters have their distinct personality, i certainly come to like Killua and Biske (who joins in greed island). Later in the series you get to see the world of nen and that completly trows everything around, you see how Gon and Killua develeop and learn their nen skills.

This anime is definitly something you have to see, it wont leave you dissapointed

Review: Final fantasy XIII part1-2

Lets continue with the review. At this moment i'm in chapter 11 and i can clearly feel that my enemies surpass my current strenght, so i'm busy grinding myself some serious amount of crystanium (used to upgrade your charachter)


When i put the disc in my playstation 3 for the first time with great anticipation , i was utterly stunned by 2 things.
First the graphics were of the charts for me, normaly i wont rate a game on his graphics but this time it was different, it was like a part of the game and story.
Second was that my playstation 3 was lagging at the intro cutscene. seeing that my playstation is a 1st generation of its kind (20Gb) it was something to think about: Just how hard is the strain of the game on my playstation?
In conclusion the graphics are so good you will need some sunglasses :p.

Character development (Background story, reactions, personality, etc..)

In the first 6 houres i had already made a choise of who i liked in my team and who were just some tagg alongs. the first one who jumped on the black list was snow villiers, seeing him as a total retard i was eager to drop him out of the team (not that i had a choice to drop him at that point in game) His background was well defined but his reactions in the story and his conclusions made me think that he was better off death. Next was lightning who i liked and disliked, she has a good amount of badass personalit, but sometimes that goes a little of the charts, if you ignore that then she is a good char for story and battle.
Vanille had a little annoying voice, but i got used to that. The little 'dark secrets ' made her at least interesting. Hope estheim was my favorite at that time, he is a kid so he don't need a lot of background story.
Sazh was the most normal person of the team, that is if you ignore the chocobo chick living in his hair. Fang who later joins the team looked like a decent person to me.
come to think of it, most background story is explained in the 13 days before the game began, and your story line gets interrupted sometimes for a backflash.

Thats it for the part 1 review, when i finnish the game i wil review everything in whole. I will also post some little tips about the game, what you can do and what is best for certain enemies and eidolons.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Youtube: Tom Mabes Call of glory

While i was surfing around youtube some months ago, i happend to find this little vid. At that time i was horribly stressed about many things and this little vid made that all go away.

To be honest, this man is a pure genius, not only does he a good act, his words are suprisingly well chosen. Keep this vid when you feel stressed/annoyed, it can help you feeling better.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Review: Final fantasy XIII part1

At this moment i'm busy fighting my way troughout cocoon and the world pulse, so i haven't finished yet; So here is my impression so far. This can contain a little spoiler on battles, i never post spoilers about the story.

The battle system.

This new system is annoying and interesting at first, i'm a old school final fantasy fan (note, i have played ff6 to ff10, ff12 was the worst in history, never finished that one due to boring battle system)and so i'm used to turn based battles. this new system was a bit hard to start with because it has a point based system on how fast you finish the battle.
The part that annoyed me first is that i have almost no control of my allies and that i am at the AI's mercy when i'm in a big pinch. After the 6 first houres i was finaly able to effectively kill my enemy in a good time frame. The Paradigms makes you able to control the allies AI in a rough way by switching the roles(roles are like jobs: magic users are ravangers, fighters = commanders, medic = healer), setting the paradigms makes you able to create a very tactical team, for instance i found the commander (leader, means you) medic ravager a very good combo.
In this system it will be wise to know how you can stagger the enemy, stagger increases the dmg you deal by % value, you can also interrupt enemy moves (staggerd bosses moves will not be so easily intrerrupted). Getting the enemy to stagger is very easy, you need to attack him, only melee attacks will hardly fill the stagger bar but it will drop slowly, you need magic, but with magic that bar will easily drop back to 100%, so you need to find a good team so it will stay up.

Overall the battle system is something you need to get used to, after you succeeded in that, most battles will become easy to finish unless the enemy is to strong.


So the story is divided in chapters, altough i don't see the use in that
My first impression of the story was "a total mess", most things were hard to follow because you don't have the knowledge. As i played longer the story wouldn't increase much in intrest, it didn't feel final fantasy to me at al. But then i reached a certain chapter, it slowy turned around and i got a good feeling of it.

That's it for now, i will point out other points in the upcomming blogs.

The Use of this Blog

As my first blogpost, i will say a couple things that i would talk about.
  • First, if my spelling is bad, you can point it out not flame at me or something.
  • Second i will post about my points of intrest and things i come across that i want to share. most of these points will be games, anime and youtube vids.
  • Third, it will be reviews, viewpoints and some usefull ( and useless) info.

About some 'rules' i have set for myself for online gaming in almost any community.

If you play online and someone of your team is bad or he is not able to do something usefull in the match, don't start to 'flame', call him noob or do anything that will insult him in any way possible. that not insult rule will be dropped if they persin in particular starts to 'flame' at you, starts to become a total ass and is trying to let the enemy win, etc. being polite is a way to get people to say, "wow, you're good".

Don't brag about your 1337 skillz but compliment others when you die. Seriously, the best way to have a good game is when you can have a good chat with the enemy, so when i play a shooter game (team fortress 2 for instance) and i get killed in a one on one battle, i can compliment the enemy by saying : "wow gj you got me :p", most of the times they will reply back in a positive way. If they don't reply in a positive way, but rather start saying : "ur so n00b" , that is your que to start hunting him down, and not by saying something insulting.

I agree that insulting others feels good when you are 'owning' them, but try to be so polite as possible, mostly when they start owning you, you can swallow their insults.

This will be all for my first blog ( and will probably never be seen by anyone :p)