Saturday, 20 March 2010

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

This anime is very special is the first thing i need to say. The series are just that awsome when you follow Gon, Killua,Kurapica, leorio and many others throughout the hunter exam to Greed Island. You gradually see Gon learn more about his own abilities and talent. The only lesser part of the series in my opinion would its loose ends, for instance when the jyonen user (nen excorsist)joins with Hisoka to release the spiders Boss (kurorro) of Kurapica's chain, there is no follow up story. I am aware that the Manga is still releasing in japan and that the story has found no end yet, but the last episode dates back to 2004, about now there has to be a follow up ova series or something.

The story is well defined and the characters have their distinct personality, i certainly come to like Killua and Biske (who joins in greed island). Later in the series you get to see the world of nen and that completly trows everything around, you see how Gon and Killua develeop and learn their nen skills.

This anime is definitly something you have to see, it wont leave you dissapointed

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