Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Use of this Blog

As my first blogpost, i will say a couple things that i would talk about.
  • First, if my spelling is bad, you can point it out not flame at me or something.
  • Second i will post about my points of intrest and things i come across that i want to share. most of these points will be games, anime and youtube vids.
  • Third, it will be reviews, viewpoints and some usefull ( and useless) info.

About some 'rules' i have set for myself for online gaming in almost any community.

If you play online and someone of your team is bad or he is not able to do something usefull in the match, don't start to 'flame', call him noob or do anything that will insult him in any way possible. that not insult rule will be dropped if they persin in particular starts to 'flame' at you, starts to become a total ass and is trying to let the enemy win, etc. being polite is a way to get people to say, "wow, you're good".

Don't brag about your 1337 skillz but compliment others when you die. Seriously, the best way to have a good game is when you can have a good chat with the enemy, so when i play a shooter game (team fortress 2 for instance) and i get killed in a one on one battle, i can compliment the enemy by saying : "wow gj you got me :p", most of the times they will reply back in a positive way. If they don't reply in a positive way, but rather start saying : "ur so n00b" , that is your que to start hunting him down, and not by saying something insulting.

I agree that insulting others feels good when you are 'owning' them, but try to be so polite as possible, mostly when they start owning you, you can swallow their insults.

This will be all for my first blog ( and will probably never be seen by anyone :p)

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