Thursday, 18 March 2010

Review: Final fantasy XIII part1

At this moment i'm busy fighting my way troughout cocoon and the world pulse, so i haven't finished yet; So here is my impression so far. This can contain a little spoiler on battles, i never post spoilers about the story.

The battle system.

This new system is annoying and interesting at first, i'm a old school final fantasy fan (note, i have played ff6 to ff10, ff12 was the worst in history, never finished that one due to boring battle system)and so i'm used to turn based battles. this new system was a bit hard to start with because it has a point based system on how fast you finish the battle.
The part that annoyed me first is that i have almost no control of my allies and that i am at the AI's mercy when i'm in a big pinch. After the 6 first houres i was finaly able to effectively kill my enemy in a good time frame. The Paradigms makes you able to control the allies AI in a rough way by switching the roles(roles are like jobs: magic users are ravangers, fighters = commanders, medic = healer), setting the paradigms makes you able to create a very tactical team, for instance i found the commander (leader, means you) medic ravager a very good combo.
In this system it will be wise to know how you can stagger the enemy, stagger increases the dmg you deal by % value, you can also interrupt enemy moves (staggerd bosses moves will not be so easily intrerrupted). Getting the enemy to stagger is very easy, you need to attack him, only melee attacks will hardly fill the stagger bar but it will drop slowly, you need magic, but with magic that bar will easily drop back to 100%, so you need to find a good team so it will stay up.

Overall the battle system is something you need to get used to, after you succeeded in that, most battles will become easy to finish unless the enemy is to strong.


So the story is divided in chapters, altough i don't see the use in that
My first impression of the story was "a total mess", most things were hard to follow because you don't have the knowledge. As i played longer the story wouldn't increase much in intrest, it didn't feel final fantasy to me at al. But then i reached a certain chapter, it slowy turned around and i got a good feeling of it.

That's it for now, i will point out other points in the upcomming blogs.

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