Friday, 26 March 2010

Anime: Black Cat

I'm not quite sure how to start about this anime, It got many good aspect and few bad ones.

First of all it has an complex story, or rather its hard to follow because it jumpes from scene to scene and leave some details for yourself to figure out. Now i know you are better off reading the manga and have everything spelled out for you, but that they expect you to do a little thinking work or that they where to lazy didn't matter to me, i liked the story anyway.

The action, the battles and your characters are well thought off, the only bad aspect is that you don't know how strong every one is, for inctance: The chrono numbers seems to be special people with a talent for combat and are highly trained, sweepers (people who make money by tracking wanted criminals) are just normal people hardend in battle sometimes these sweepers seems to be at an equal lvl and other times just plain amateurs.

I think this anime is a must see if you like some good battles and some wicked personalities of antagonists(creed disketh is truly and idiot). Against others this anime doesn't really stand out or has something that makes it famous but i think seeing this anime is something that is not a waste of time, just be sure to rewatch it later to understand what is going on.

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