Friday, 26 March 2010

Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

To be honest i'm not fond of shooter games, that doesn't mean i don't enjoy a good shooting.

I have played Call of Duty 4, so it was nice to some familliar persons again, but what was a nice improvement where the missions. In CoD 4 the missions was about 90% shooting people or fragging the hell out of them and 10% either running around or sitting in a slow car shooting people, In CoD MF 2 that is slightly diffirent, now its about 75% shooting people and 25% in awsome events like chase the enemy on a snowscooter that at least gains a lot of speed or that feeling when you need to rescue those civilians by breaching the door, storm in and take out all hostiles. Those changes made it all more enjoyable and left me some memorable moments.

The gameplay itself didn't change anything, the only thing was that it became smoother and more realistic. It's a great addition to the call of duty series and it left me with a rather good feeling, now because i don't play shooter much i'm unable to check the multyplayer but the Special ops missions are good enough to give a try with a friend. I tested it and was fairly convinced that it is more than fun, it's plain awsome if you both breach the doors at the same time and start shooting the hell out of those enemies.

At one point i was all alone and needed to fight myself up trough the slums in chase of a target only to find the target captured before my eyes making my climb and all those dead enemies in my wake a useless sacrefice, but it reminded me of Medal of honor, the older series where you alone killed hundreds of nazis alone, making you that useless private a one man army. Well at least you have here some 'special' training so it wouldn't be strange for you to be able to kill 89249842 people.

Now i understand that a lot of people are against this game because you can (not need to) shoot civilians in a certain mission, i think some people need to learn that games don't reflect reality. If someone who is out of their mind starts shooting people, such things are unavoidable(that they are out of their minds), for inctance there are about 6800 Million people on the planet, it would be impossible for all of them to be in their right mind. games are games, not reality so all those people complaining about it sets people to kill other people, that is completly wrong, sometimes violent games do have some effect, but mostly games are used to relief that stress you have. I'll be honest, if i can't enjoy a good game where i can beat the crap out of my opponent, i would probably be some boring asshole who would have nothing better to do then to annoy other people.

Overall this is a good game and you can definitly enjoy it if you play multiplayer, i recommend the campaign mode because you get to see some awsome places. If you have a friend , play the special ops missions, if you are alone then go out and make friends.

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