Saturday, 3 April 2010

Anime: Code Geass Lelouch of the rebellion R1 & R2

From now on ill give a little introduction from the anime.

Lelouch Lamperouge is a high school student in the new Tokyo settlement, japan was taken over by the holy empire of brittannia and rename in area 11. Only a few people know that Lelouch is a banished prince from the Brittannian family and was send a year prior to the war to japan with his sister, carrying a great hate for his home country he swore to destroy it by any as a high school student in the ashford acadamy( the ashford family knows of his heritage) e encounters a witch named C.C., she gives him the Geass, power of kings. The geass is diffirent from person to person and lelouch gains the power of absolute obedience, he must reamain eyecontact and say a command that the target cannot ignore or refuse, when the command goes against the personal wish the target could refuse but it will eventualy give in to the geass. Having this power lelouch have all means to fight against his home country and desides to organise the japanese rebbels into an army.

Because this is my favorite anime, i will try to be objective, but i don't know if i will be able to.

It was by mere accident that i discoverd this anime, having looked arouned on some forums i found this one in someones top 10 anime list of the year, being intrigued by it message saying: Lelouch>Yagami Light, I started watching season one, lucky for me season 2 was already airing so i could immidaitly follow where season one left off. This anime blew me away, it had everything except for good intro music, It had mecha, te geass, a smart protagonist, wide cast on characters and foremost a solid story.

I had seen much in anime already, but lelouch actions were outstanding, he could always come up with a battle plan to turn the tides in his favor and sometimes he did things that was so obvious that i would think someting like: Dammmmmmn. I also noticed that it handels a lot of irony like lelouch, a brittanian, is fighting against his country alongside the japanese and his friend Suzaku, a japanese, is fighting against the rebbels alongside Brittannia. I also have a need to say that our Japanese voice actors did a really good jobs(also those who editted the voice) because there was moer than enough scenes were i thought: if i could have a speech like that, it would make my day. A good example would be the speech of charles Di Brittannia in episode 6 of season one, by the end of it the
All Hail Brittannia
Gave me the chill, the same applies for episode 16 where both oppsoing parties scream out their battle scream.

Now what made lelouch great was the combination of its tatctics, theatrics as zero and his use of Geass. Being able to think so far ahead so he can use his geass to its maximum potetional is something that was able to make this story a succes, i can also note that lelouch was always prepared to shoulder the burden even if it was not his fault, when people ask about it, he would say that it was his fault.

Now i Know some people who where hesitant of watching this series because there were mecha in it, but they soon realised that you can perfectly delete the mecha and still have that awsome story, the mecha only makes it that tiny better because the geass is a story on itself, as you see more of the story the more complex it becomes, you need to do some thinking, but its not needed.

Overall i would recommend this anime to everyone, even those who doesn't like mecha anime.

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