Sunday, 4 April 2010

anime: Ghost In the shell: Stand alone complex

It is the year 2030, Cybernetic implants are a daily use, meaning without the use of a computer you an acces the internet or communicate with eachother. You follow the acticivities of a intelligence department calles section 9, a group of extraordinairy people who fought in the last war. By accident they stumble on the case called the laughing man witch happend 6 years prior to the story start. As they try to uncover the truth they learn that many parties are involved in this case and some of them are deadserious.

most anime about technology, be it mecha or sience fiction, i would probably like it, this one is no diffirent. I like they way how they gradualy set the gears of story in motion, the first episodes have nothing to do with the main story, they are only meant to show what and who the members are. Later on they set the start of the main story, progress with that and then give it a little break, later on they will once again continue with the story to the finale.

Although you got about 7 main members, you only get to know a few of them, you get more background on some members in season 2 but thats for later. As the main story continues you get to see how their thinking tanks actuly develop a mind of its own, a ghost as they mention it, but also the troubles that cybernetic implants bring with them.

The main story is well thought out and have almost no room for error, i especialy come to like the laughing man, he is a A+ class hacker with a good mind for justice, so i feel sorry they didn't adapt him in the second season.

overall for people who like this new technology thing it really a good to watch anime, for those who like to see some good battle scenes with guns, they can watch it to. Btw, in this anime, i haven't seen any katana ore somthing that resembles it so that really came to me as a surprise, mostly in any battle scene there is at least one person who wields a katana, and now i never seen it.

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