Saturday, 17 April 2010

Code Geass Season 3

This post contains spoilers about the story from season one and season 2, do not read it, if you haven't seen them yet.

The reason why i wanted to make this post is not about conformation of season 3, but more to tell why i don't want to see a season 3.

After going around on some forums, i noticed that a lot of people are saying that a season3 is comming, they try to back it up by saying that lelouch isn't dead yet and always point out to the last scene where C.C lifts her head as she was talking to the driver who is supposed to be Lelouch.

For starters i want Lelouch to be dead, if he was alive and living in hiding with C.C that would totaly defeat the purpose of zero requim. Now i can hear you, but he got the global peace, I agree to that, but another achievement was to be killed bu Suzaku as redemption for Euphy. If getting killed by Suzaku means nothing, then their friendship is worth nothing as well, and the words he said would be meaningless to (Only those who are prepared to fire, should be fired at). If he was planning to live afterwards with the code that activates on death, for me that would totaly take the strenght and meaning of the ending away.

Now i got that clear, there is one other thing i want to say, IF they make another season, i hope they wont go further on what they have, i would rather want them to see making another story with new characters etc. The Geass have mass potentional, you can create so many stories with it, the story doesn't even need to be in the same timeframe or world. They could easily play a geass story in the medieval times or in another dimension, but if they somehow 'revive' Lelouch, i think i would be unable to watch the season.

Btw, a reason why lelouch doesn't have the code and so could revive is that the code should be taken and not recieved, i can state that by CC saying to VV "Charles,why did you take away VV codes at this point of time" meaning as soon the Geass user has the power he can choose when he takes the code. The second reason is that Charles grabs him but then disovles into the world of C, i believe that Charles isn't dead (also because i don't want him, his speeches are so good) and still has the code. Now i also agree that my second reason doesn't have much base but Lelouch is dead and stays dead.

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