Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Anime: Kiba

Zed, a 15 year boy, would be your above average troublemaker, whenever he sees a door he get the urge to smash the door. Because of his behaviour in public his friend Noah, who covers for him, try to talk to Zed, why he breaks door. Zed is feeling like a bird in a cage, sufficating and boring. zeds mother is hospitalised and doesn't seem to see Zed at all. When Zed is accused of a fire he didn't start, he runs away, is assautled by a strange creature that calls him a shard caster and then captured by the police. Noa who have seen Zed fighting the creature tries to save zed by releasing him by force. Unknowing of Noa, Zed escapes in the confusion and runs to his hideout, there a portal appears and takes zed to another world.

The first episode of this anime is a bit depressing, my first impression would be that it wouldn't last long before i call it quits. But the second episode changed everything, you get in a cheerfull environment and get to know a lot of characters that have interesting personalities. The rest of the story develops in a nice way, they like to suprise you with new areas every 6 episodes.

The story itself is decent enough, i had my questions at certain parts, but it wasn't anything that could burn it into the ground. I even came to like Zed mentality, he was in the search for power, but also want to know if he needs that power. Now to be honest, the first time i saw Zed i figured he was an evil guy, because of that mean look in his eyes.

The one thing that really annoys me is that you don't have a clear understanding of who can beat who, i had several times thought: he is weaker, beat him.

Now overall, i would say it is a decent story and is worth the watch if you like magic in battle with some star wars rippedoff swords.i don't recommend that you make time for it, watch when you have time should be better.

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