Tuesday, 13 April 2010

anime: Trigun

Vash the stampede is hunted all over the world because he is the man with 60 billion dollar on his head, being known as the ledgendary outlaw who destroyed the city july vash is avoided and consantly shot at. To prevent any more dammage, the Bernadelli insurance company sends 2 workers to look after vash making sure he doesn't destroy anything. While following Vash, also know as the humanoid typhoon, they learn that bad luck is all around him as he always tend to get into trouble.

This anime dates back from 1998 but is well made for its time, the story is above average although the end is not worth the watch. If you want to watch this, be sure you like western anime, although the story isn't worth that much, i garantee you going to love Vash, because of his childish acts in battles, he doesn't look like a ledgendary outlaw, but he knows how to overcome many battles.

Overall, this anime is worth seeing if you like western, the characters make a decent addon to the story, but the end was totaly worthless.

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