Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review: Just Cause 2

It was mere coincidence that i got to play this game, someone borrowed it to me whil he was on vacation and so i got the chance to test it out.

I honestly didn't had a clue what to expect from this game but the start wasn't promising, it cutscenes were lagging like hell, so i needed to turn down the graphs, not that i care about them, but even with high settings, there was some delay on the visual output. after the cutscene were the sound ended a minut before the the visual was done i was soarinf trough the sky and plumeting towards mother earth only to get close to my death comrade who was shot out of the helicopter and who had my pda, also i don't know his name. Then i safly pull my parachute out of nowhere and land neaby a militairy instalation on the island of Panau.

At this point i did not gain any intrest for the game, but then i got to test the grappeling hook, from that point on, the game was fun. In this game you can blow up militairy installations and you get paid for it, you have a whole island to explore and more then enough towns and militairy basas to destroy. Although the targets you need to destroy are mostly the same (Water towers, broadcast towers, satelite discs, fuel tanks, gas tanks, pipelines, AA sites and i can go on) so after a while (about 20 houres of destruction , you feel that it is getting dull and the missions do not bring any change in this. You got several sorts of missions, agency missions for the good old USA, territory missions for the rebels on Panau to gain new terretory (duh) and faction missions for those rebels to make their fight more easy (because you do all the work) those missions except for the agency doesn't really differ from the usual destruction you leave in your wake. Everywhere you go, you either destroy and flee or capture and flee, both are fun in the beginning, but later on its boring.

Storywise is this game a joke, its nothing were decent and posseses nothing entertaining (except for a few cutscenes) but this game doesn't really need a story, the story is only there to give you a reason to blow things up. At somepoint i wished that they left the story behind and said : " here, your job is to destroy everything you meet so get to it, you get objectives, fullfill them for stuff and parts.".

like i said you can explore a whole island, so you can also find parts to upgrade your weapons and vehicles, you can buy them from the black market, but they only deliver one item at a time, that means when you need explosives ( and those you need a lot), and ammo for your 2 weapons
you gonna need to call the black market seller 3 times
and watch the cutscenes of him comming and going ( yes i am aware you can skip them, but most of the time you forget that). transporting yourself across the landscape to a certain point is a pain in the ass, because helicopters are dull and slow, airplanes hard to control, the same for cars, after a while i got used to traveling with my parachute, it was fatser then the car (no need to get on the road, trough the jungle) i have seen and done many things in order to get to my obective (transportation by the black market seller helped to).

Your grapple hook is your friend, you can do the most awsome stuff with it, like grappeling and pulling yourself to a driving car or grapple the car and apply the other end with the ground (in a chase this is really handy) overall the gameplay is good.

So what i think is, if you like destruction/explosions/mowing down lots of soldiers with diffirent kind of weapons this is your game. If you are looking for a good story, don't try this, it wil strike as a huge dissapointment.

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